Genuine Sparklng Gal



This mare is a very pretty mover, has an outstanding disposition, & is very easy to work with. & We have a full sister to Genuine Goldylocks and we like so much we had to have her sister. Sparky's sire Genuine Diamond Doc is a full brother in blood to the great SHINING SPARK. The Hollywood Jac 86 and Shining Spark are a proven cross like on Jacs Electric Spark and his son Electric Code. This young mare has proven herself to be a great producer already. We have kept her first foal that is sired by Indigo Mega, she is a beautiful homozygous dun (DD) dunskin with tons of frosting in her mane & tail. This filly is very athletic with an outstanding disposition & great conformation.

Genuine Diamond Doc   P-155.5 Genuine Doc   P-55 Doc Bar   H-36 Lightning Bar   H-18
Dandy Doll   P-1.5
Gay Bar's Gen   P-74 Gay Bar King   H-13  P-6
Princess Piper
Diamonds Super Sis   P-115 Mr Diamond Dude   H-19 Blondy's Dude   H-45  P-12
Miss Patsy Blake   H-8  P-4
Pollyanna Rose Clabber Question
Irene Vee
Muskeg Flashy Jac Boggies Flashy Jac Hollywood Jac 86   P-80 Easter King   H-2  P-4
Miss Hollywood   P-7
Boggie's Last   P-2 Nifty Bee   H-3  P-91.5
Boggie Bee
Muskegs Shadow Muskeg Doc's Benito Bar   H-26  P-12.5
Tawny Cody   H-40  P-29
Glendas Shadow Hollywood Smoke   P-36
Glendas Echols   P-17