2016 Homozygous Black Dun Filly




Very fancy dun mare with an outstanding proven performance pedigree both top & bottom. She is sure to be a great one with her bloodline. This young mare has already proven herself as a producer. She foaled a DD & EE grullo colt in 2019 that sold for a stallion prospect. He had a great disposition & is built like his dam, very stout. We are looking forward  to see what she produces next. This mare homozygous black (EE). Sire & dam are both 5 panel N/N making her N/N also.

Smart Charcoal Chex Smart Little Lena Doc O'Lena   P-2 Doc Bar   H-36
Poco Lena   H-174  P-671
Smart Peppy   P-9 Peppy San   H-26  P-180
 Royal Smart
Miss Reed Chex Bueno Chex   H-13  P-30 King Fritz   H-14  P-23.5
Sutherland's Miss
Ann's Miss Reed Reed's Boy
Sheri Donlan
Einsteins Lil Lady Einsteins Revolution   P-42

LTE  $352,720

Great Resolve   P-24 Great Red Pine   P-9
Silversnow Pinestep   P-6.5
Fly Flashy Jac   P-2 Boggies Flashy Jac
Navajo Image
A Lady In Hollywood Hollywood Dun It Hollywood Jac 86   P-80
Blossom Berry   P-1
PC Ladies Time Tuff Time Peppy
Miss Lady Fire