2018 Homozygous Dun (DD) Dunskin Filly




What a sweet filly with tons of pedigree to be a top performer. We had her color tested and they came back that she is a homozygous dun (DD) dunskin. We are so pleased with this proven cross, I can not wait to watch this filly mature. Genuine Diamond Doc is a full brother in blood to SHINING SPARK. I just love this filly she is a pretty mover and will be a standout any where she goes. There is just one word that discribes this filly so well PRETTY! This filly is so good to work with & smart, she catch on very quickly. I just love her!

Indigo Mega Marthas Mega Jac   P-46 Hollywood Jac 86   P-80 Easter King   H-2  P-4
Miss Hollywood   P-7
Mainly Martha   P-15 Mr Jor Glo   H-16  P-30
Babe Pat Star   H-211  P-75
Willow Kit Cody   P-7 Kid Five Cody   P-9 Joe Cody   H-10  P-46
Kitty Kid   H-12
Otter Run Red Ant Bar Ditch Dude   H-33  P-17
Poco Gray Girl
Genuine Sparklng Gal Genuine Diamond Doc   P-155.5 Genuine Doc   P-55 Doc Bar   H-36 
Gay Bar's Gen   P-74
Diamonds Super Sis   P+115 Mr Diamond Dude   H-19
Pollyanna Rose
Muskeg Flashy Jac Boggies Flashy Jac Hollywood Jac 86   P-80
Boggie's Last   P-2
Muskegs Shadow Muskeg
Glendas Shadow   P-2